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Composing a message

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You can customize your message by using the formatting and style toolbars located above the message box. Click to send the message, with or without an attached file. Click to cancel composing and sending a message.

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The options are: None: Does not perform any action when the recipient receives this message.

Mor by clicking New in the toolbar. By default all editor icons bold, italics, cut, fonts, and font sizes have been removed to allow quicker processing for Lite Web Client.

Composing New Message

Like in a wordprocessor you can include tables, colors, images and so forth in your e-mails. Composing a Message. In the text box, enter the address es of the person s to whom this message will be sent.

In the Mail tab click New Message. Select the message in the Draft folder later to re-open the message and continue composing the message.

The message is saved in the Draft folder and is automatically sent on that date and time. Click to send the message, with or without composlng attached file. By default, the messages are sent with normal priority.

Rich text messages include. From the priority drop-down list, select the required priority. To attach a message to the mail, see Click Send to send the message. In the Specify Message Send Time dialog enter the date and time to send the message.

Composing and sending an message

See Adding Attachments. This feature needs to be enabled at the back-end Convergence server. Choose this character set for sending mail composed in simplified Chinese. Enter the subject of x into the text box.

In the next topic you will learn about adding attachments. Chinese Traditional BIG5.

Sections of the Compose a Message Screen

From: This field contains a drop-down list with all the configured sender profiles you have for this. Choose this character set for sending mail composed in English only. In the text box, enter the address es of person s to messags you'd like a composing a message of this message to be sent. From the Receipt drop-down list, select an option. The Compose tab contains the To, Cc and Subject fields. When mezsage option is cleared, the html editor is displayed for message composition.

Select the Rich Text check box to include rich text features in the mail editor. Select this option to save a copy of your message the Sent folder.


Attach: Attaches a cimposing to the message. Default setting is normal. Select Low, Normal or High. Save in Sent Folder. In the Subject field, tell the recipient what the message is about. This list includes the name followed by the address of each configured external.

This field is not displayed if you have not configured external POP clmposing. Click to display the File to attach text box, Browse button, and Insert File button. Tool Icon. This tutorial will show you how to create an outgoing message for other users of eNETEmployer's Messaging feature in your company. Manage User Options has a setting "Automatically add Recipients as contacts" which will save all recipients to the selected contacts folder.

You should be directed to a window cojposing looks something like this: This is the screen you will see when composing a composing a message. After you have written your message, click Send or press Ctrl. There are a few options you may want to consider: If you check off "Backup sent message", it will put a copy of the message you send in the Sent folder.

This setting will not add a duplicate entry when an address already exists in the contacts folder. The Bcc field appears. Choose this character set for sending mail composed in traditional Chinese.

Displays only if attachments exist. A copy of the message you sent is saved in your Sent folder. Click the Options icon in the top toolbar.

Enter an address in mrssage To: field. Bcc: Enables you to send a blind copy of the message to recipients. Only limited options are available with Lite Web Client. The list composing a message entries that closely match the entered characters from the Address Book appear in a drop-down list. Because you are sending mail over the Internet, you may prefer to use plain text rather than adding formatting that recipients might not be able to see.

Note: To change the default compsoing go to Manage User Options from the main. Save: Saves the message as a draft which you can refer later.

Manage User Options has an option setting "Default new message style" where plain text can be set for all new messages, replies, composkng forwards. Enter the address in the Bcc field. Read: Sends a notification when the recipient re the message.

The Compose tab consists of the following parts: Toolbar menu The toolbar menu contains the following icons: Send: Sends the message to the respective recipients. Note: The options setting will override the User Options setting. Composinh Topics.